It is from Bagni Vecchi in Bormio, an ancient thermal bath dug into the rock of the Italian Alps, that initial goal takes shape: to revive the model of the Imperial Baths, creating locations of remarkable aesthetic impact in which to regenerate body and mind. Success is immediate, and today the QC Group is the largest Italian name in the wellness industry, with thirteen facilities including wellness centers, spas and resorts in Italy, France and now also in the United States of America, born thanks to a creative process that has subverted the old concepts of thermalism. The beauty of sensory paths articulated between panoramic pools, whirlpools, scented saunas and relaxation rooms and enchanting gardens, but above all, the value of hospitality. Not a job but a lifestyle, aimed at offering guests a dwelling for the body and soul, taking care of every detail of the experience, to make it unrepeatable.
In ancient times the sacredness of water was already associated with the idea of wellness: among all, the Romans made thermalism a real lifestyle, using naturally hot thermal waters or, as in the Baths of Caracalla, heating the water to bring it to pleasant and relaxing temperatures. Intuitions, analysis and long-term vision have reconciled this tradition with the modern desire to immerse in places of extreme beauty, not only for the care of the body, but also and above all for the regeneration of the spirit, giving life to the QC Group. Through the restoration of historic buildings and greenfield sites located in remarkable landscape contexts, we cultivate the spirit of the ancient Imperial Baths, summarized in the motto salus per aquam. Our mission focuses on expanding this model into new metropolitan and tourist locations, where we can collaborate with property owners and investors, with the aim of becoming ambassadors of wellness in the world.