Flora Cafè

Immerse yourself in the delights of a floral-themed room that blends the boundary between the indoors and outdoors to give you the unique wellness of open air life. An oasis of colourful petals and greenery inhabited by butterflies where you can indulge in a relaxing break, sipping your favourite drink surrounded by the aromas of nature.

Wellness Food

Our kitchen is ready to enhance your relaxing day, bringing simple wellness fare direct to your table. Treat your tastebuds to fresh ingredients and delicious options that will reinvigorate your spirit.

Wellness Break

Discover a selection of wellness bites including tasty salads, yogurts and sandwiches; all designed to satisfy your appetite. Our bistro is an ideal spot to enjoy lunch, or a light meal while taking time to rejuvenate. Find yourself surrounded by New York City views, and soak in the spectacular magic of downtown, Brooklyn and New Jersey. The best way to nourish your mind, body and soul while relaxing, all you need is a bathrobe.